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As an exhibitor for the upcoming trade-fairs or promotional campaign, you have already invested time and money in defining and preparing the proper presentation of your company and products. You endeavor to create awareness, signalize professionalism, display value for money and, overall, look good!

It would be a tremendous pleasure for us to support you in the achievement of your goals and supply you
with hosts/hostesses, promoters or service staff matching your expectations. Our multi-lingual hostesses, promoters and service staff have conquered many customers with their tactful skill, knowledge, fine art of representation AND smile.

The team of People4Fair has been servicing exhibitors with promoters and hostesses for the past 12 years.
But, we have numerous more years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Event Management backing us up. This knowledge helps us serve you better.

We also supply professional services in the area of event management, promotional activations,Roadshow planning, POS, catering selection, decoration, hotel reservations, transportation and overall creative support.

If you are looking for a professional partner in Germany – or elsewhere – we would enjoy making your life easier.

Request your customized offer from us today and utilize our services tomorrow.

Our home base is in Frankfurt am Main- otherwise known as “the gateway to Europe”.


Nancy Virginia Koch


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